Chillin’ in Charlotte

Charlotte, NC named after King George III’s wife, Charlotte has a happening airport and a slow WiFi connection. We touched down on time (10:30am) and have a few hours to kill before our connecting flight departs to Phoenix. We split a Quinzo’s sub for brunch, killed time in the Starbucks, walked around the concourse, browsed the bookstore and found a new book for K to read (“The Labyrinth” by Kate Moss) and now we are seated waiting for our flight (about 90 minutes from now).

Did I mention we have 1st Class seating throughout our trip? When I traded in my frequent flyer miles they didn’t have any regular frequent flyer slots open, but they did have 1st class, so I cashed in all 100,000 miles for two round trip tickets SYR – PHO. On the flight down there was marginally more leg room, lots of additional elbow room, some increased attentions from the flight attendant, but no special goodies – unless you count the pre-departure beverage.

It is noticeably warmer in NC – expected to be 81 this afternoon.  K asked if I regretted us leaving NC (Raleigh) as we wouldn’t have to shovel snow.  I don’t miss it at all.

More updates from Phoenix – where it will be 70s today.

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