Planning Canoe Trips

With the warmer weather a man’s thoughts turn to……planning canoe trips!

ADK sponsored trip up the Oswegatchie River with a possible hike to Cat Mtn Apr 27-29

A bushwhack canoe overnight trip down the upper Kunjamuk River in May 19-20.

An overnight trip down the Tioughnioga River in early June.

An overnight trip up the Spy Lake outlet to Spy Lake.

The General Clinton Grand Prix Relay Race on May 27.

A multi-day, multi-portage Lows Lake-Oswegatchie River-Cranberry Lake-Lows Lake Loop around July 28th.

A Cranberry Lake or Susquehanna River fishing trip with Len or my brother.

A ~6 day Spanish River, Ontario trip August 11-19.

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