Beating a Dead Horse (SU Basketball Style)

I follow the Syracuse University basketball program through out the year.  I often peruse a bulletin board devoted to discussions of Syracuse Basketball.  Sorting the wheat from the chaff in these postings is often difficult as some topics take a beating.  One poster said it best recently: 

  1. Zone versus Man – 4 million mentions (mostly from one surly poster)
  2. x is not a point guard – 2 million mentions over many years
  3. Paul Harris can’t shoot – 1 million mentions over the last year
  4. Carmelo…Carmelo…Carmelo – 1/2 million mentions since 2003
  5. Hopkins Coach Where When and now…how much 400 times a day (but only in the off-season)
  6. New uniforms – love them or hate them (a recent topic)

 You have to be a fan(actic) to sort through this stuff.

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