40th Anniversary

4th of July Weekend

We had a rainy Friday and the local fireworks were postponed until Sunday night. Friday I worked on diagnosing our failed internet. The thunderstorms we had during the week knocked out a router and modem. I managed to get replacement parts swapped in time to keep my Internet addicted wife from suffering a breakdown. She […]

Our Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

I took Wednesday off from work to help clean the house and set up for Thanksgiving but, as usual, Kathryn did most of the work for the meal. Thursday we were joined by Rob & Linda, BillieJo, Joel, Stone and Dakota for our holiday. it was nice to be able to chat and catch up […]

Utah Vacation

The week before our trip to Utah we spent organizing and packing our gear. Each of us had a daypack and a suitcase with our clothes. Clothes were organized into ‘camping’ and ‘town’ stuff sacks. In addition, I carried an extra duffel bag with my backpack, three sleeping bags, three sleeping pads, our 3 person […]

A quick walk around the yard

With all the rain and warm weather things are looking quite lush around our yard. The peonies are in full bloom.

The front lawn is lush (too lush) and all except on landscaping plant survived year 1.

Kathryn relocated green, yellow and green & white Hosta along the east side of the garage. […]

Sand Fleas Volleyball

With Scott out of the line-up and my knee taking a couple weeks off, Brian and Bob filled in for our two games at ADK Lanes. Below Julee sets Bill while Bob, Chris, Brian and Kathryn are in the background.

Bill blocks a shot while Bob covers the tip. Chris, Brian and Kathryn are […]

HPE Track Meet

The 3rd and 4th Grade held a track meet. Eric competed in the 55 meter run. Eric competed in a heat vs James, Dylan, and unknown and Jonathon.

Eric and James were side by side the entire race. Eric told me he was afraid his sneaker was going to come off. In this picture […]

Ordered Pairs

An ‘ordered pair’ is simply two numbers in a certain order. For example, the numbers ‘2’ and ‘3’ can form two ordered pairs: 2, 3 and 3, 2. Ordered pairs can also contain the same number twice. For example: 2, 2 and 3, 3

A very important application of ordered pairs is to locate points […]

Lacrosse vs. Whitesboro Team 2

Eric had a 6pm lacrosse game last night vs. another Whitesboro team. Eric got to play middie last night for the 1st time and participated in a face-off for the 1st time. He scored two goals as the beneficiary of nice passes from his buddy, DeVante. Below Eric (#6) shoots on goal. He wore one […]

HP Gold vs. Waterville

HP Gold won a good game vs. Waterville 3-1 on a warm Sunday afternoon. Goals by Trevor, Eric and Sawyer. Waterville came in a little short-handed so we loaned them 2 players each quarter and played 8v8.

Afterwards we took a team photo and handed out ice cream coupons.

1st row: Hunter, Jonas, Carter, […]