Geese nesting at the pond

The household is definitely divided over this issue.  We have geese nesting at the pond.  The actual nest is probably 50 yards from the pond, but we have a pair of geese settled in for a summer residency.  I am not happy.  They are messy, very messy.  I observed a lone goose on the pond over the weekend and then spotted the hen sitting out in the field.  When we walked down to check the other night Kathryn took the position of “if there are eggs we leave it alone”.  Eric and Trey were just intrigued by the idea of investigating a nest.  At first I thought I was in luck – a nest but no eggs.


Both geese were on the pond and paid no attention to our investigation.  However, when we looked under the blanket of dead grass we saw four eggs. I believe the hen covers them up with grass to keep them warm when she isn’t sitting on them.


Kathryn tried to pacify me by citing all the dangers that oppose a successful hatch: coyotes, neighborhood dogs, skunks, raccoons, and crows.   (She neglected to mention John Deere tractors with mowers).  We are now resigned to playing out the saga -more to come later.

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