Last October I was invited to participate in the Air National Guard’s “Bosslift” program which thanks employers for their support of the Guard and Reserves.  I was unable to fly due to inclement weather.  On Tuesday May 22 I joined 24 others riding in a KC-135 tanker plane to refuel F-16s.   The KC-135 flew up from Pittsburgh and we joined the previously deployed F-16s from the 174th over the southern Adirondacks. I was fortunate enough to sit by the left rear window (1 of 3 onboard the tanker) where I could see the F16s come in and rate their speed prior to pulling up under the tanker for fuel.


In addition to checking out the cockpit we got to lay alongside the crew flying the boom for refueling the fighter.


The tanker flew a fixed route looping over North / South / Honnedaga lakes and turning over Indian Lake.  The crew was great at providing information and answering questions.  All in all a great experience.  More pictures are viewable at

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