Stocking Grass Carp

Grass Carp resemble the common carp but its body is more streamlined and it lacks a stiff dorsal spine and barbels. The grass carp has large, grooved pharyngeal {throat} teeth and a long intestine which allow it to effectively shred and digest aquatic plants as its principal food. The grass carp feed on submersed aquatic plants.  A permit is required to keep track of the location and number of grass carp in the environment. Preventing escapement helps protect beneficial aquatic vegetation in our public waters. Although triploid grass carp can’t reproduce, they can live for years, potentially migrate to sensitive areas, and consume a great deal of vegetation.

Today we picked up our 6 Grass Carp (2 for the little pond and 4 for the other) from Hicklings Fish Supply in Edmeston. They traveled in plastic bags with a little water, but extra oxygen.

img_2163.JPG img_2171.JPG


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