Status of the Garden

Last night we picked the last of of our peas.  I can’t remember having them this late in the year.  Usually I hurry to get them into the ground as early as possible.  This year I staggered the plantings (3 rows) and we have been eating peas from late June until now.  Last week we harvested bumper yields of yellow wax beans and green beans and froze 20 packages for winter consumption.  My late planting of cucumbers is just starting to yield.  But the pumpkins are overtaking everything!  I finally remembered to plant some pumpkins for Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns and they are overgrowing everything.  Clearly I will need to find an alternative plot for them next year.

From right to left: three rows of peas, yellow wax beans, green beans, cucumbers, PUMPKINS, somewhere buried in the pumpkins are three tomato plants.  In the background are the asparagus and rhubarb plants.


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