Whetstone Gulf State Park

This past weekend we took the pop-up camper to Whetstone Gulf State Park.  We had planned on going to Soft Maple Reservoir on Friday night, but AGHAST! they were full.  Our little hide away camp ground with 11 sites was full and luckily we were made aware of it just before we pulled out of the driveway.   We had thunderstorms threatening all afternoon and evening so we decided to get pizza and develop a Plan B to execute on Saturday.   Eric and I decided to sleep in the camper parked under the shed anyway and give Kathryn an evening of watching TV on her own.  About 10 minutes after Eric and I settled into the camper a heck of a thunderstorm rolled through – small grape-sized hail and winds followed by torrential rain and lots of lightening and thunder.  the power went out – canceling Kathryn’s TV watching and our camper lights.  The hail and rain on the metal roof was deafening.  Eric and I persevered but didn’t get to sleep very early.

Saturday we packed up and drove to Whetstone Gulf State Park.  Whetstone Gulf State Park is built in and around a three-mile-long gorge cut into the eastern edge of the Tug Hill Plateau.  We d id a little swimming and took a hike to the observation platform. The views would be worth re-visiting in the fall or spring.


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