Return from Melbourne

I returned home from my trip to Melbourne FL to work on a proposal. I flew on SouthWest Airlines from round-trip from Albany to Orlando It was my 1st experience flying SW. I certainly appreciated the 3 hour direct flight although flying out of Orlando at the end of school vacation week is a little crazy.

I had a long pre-screen wait and then, of course, since I always trigger the metal detector with my artificial hips (something I had to read several metal detector reviews to figure out when I first got the hip), I required a “Male Assist” in the vernacular of the Transportation Security Agency (TSA). In most airports one is temporarily held in a separately roped area just past the walk though screening gate. In Orlando it is a plexiglass holding cell with air holes drilled into the plexiglass. In most situations I don’t mind the separate screening and I certainly understand the purpose. In Orlando it was hot, I was in a holding cell with no air movement and I was there for 10-12 minutes before a “Male Assist” deigned to take me out for screening. Usually the TSA person asks if I know what caused the alarm and I tell them I have bilateral hip replacements. It doesn’t change the screening process, but I suppose it eases their mind when the screening wand starts beeping at my waist. This TSA dude didn’t want to hear anything. It certainly adds a distinct flavor to the travel journey.

Parking at Albany leaves a little to be desired too. Parking spaces were in high demand. After considerable circling I got a spot on the roof of the garage. On my return flight I got into Albany around 5 and drove out to Mom’s and stayed the night with her. We chatted and watched a college basketball game. I made a breakfast of bacon and eggs on Friday AM, I did some grocery shopping for her and ran home in a light but sloppy snow storm.
Kathryn has had a pretty good cold and has been miserable so I ended up picking up the house and doing 4 loads of laundry. I got Eric from the babysitter and Eric and I ran errands: stops at two different pharmacies, the bank, eye glasses, library and my office before picking up a fish fry on the way home.

Today it is sunny so I shoveled the deck this AM and plan on taking the dogs for a walk this afternoon as they have been diprived of any walks between Eric’s illness, K’s vacation, my trip to FL and K’s illness – so they are more ready for some exercise. Trey has been blowing his coat in preparation for spring. Eric and I brushed a ton of hair out of him this AM while Scout was outside on the deck.

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