Missed Picture!

Wednesday I was home from work tending to Eric and his stomach bug while Kathryn went to work. Before she left for work she urged me to take the dogs for a walk. We had received 12-14″ of new snow overnight and my old snowshoe trails had been filled in. It didn’t take long for the dogs to stop romping and fall in line behind my snowshoe track.

I always take my camera with me on walks because, well, you never know, but on this day I made a conscious decision not to. I figured with all the freshly fallen snow and it being so deep that I wouldn’t see anything.

On my return loop back to the house I saw where a turkey had landed in the snow. The snow was so deep the turkey sank in the length of it’s legs and it’s wing beat was recorded in the snow. It was so clear that I could see nearly every feather of the 2.5 foot span. It must have happened within an hour as there was no snow filling up the image.

It looked like this, but way bigger, but of course you will have to take my word for it because I didn’t have my camera.


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