Visiting the Wild Center

Saturday we took Eric and Trevor to the Wild Center, the Natural History Museum located in Tupper Lake.  It was a 3 hour drive there, including our stop in Inlet for leg-stretching, brunch and bathroom break.  The boys played Power Rangers in the back of the car and watched Madagascar on the DVD player.  Somehow the movie ended just as we reached the museum parking lot.

There are a lot of hands on exhibits at the Wild Center and there were staff walking around with Screech Owls and a Raven for observation and questions.  There are pond and bog environments, a trout stream and otters to examine. The boys ran from exhibit to exhibit so fast that we went around the museum twice and they saw all new stuff the 2nd time around.

Here Eric and Trevor check out an aquarium with Adirondack Sturgeon and Lake Trout.


The otters were very active (and hard to catch on camera).


After two hours at the museum we hit the Tupper Lake McD’s for happy meals, loaded another DVD and drove to Old Forge where we took a break at Mountainman Outdoors.   It was a long ride for the boys, but they did great and hopefully learned a little.

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