Eric’s 1st SU Game

Kathryn and I have been going to Syracuse basketball games for the past 3-4 years as we share season tickets with 4 others. Eric has expressed an increasing awareness and interest in the fate of Syracuse basketball. Last year we took him to a couple of Holland Patent High School basketball games, but, of course, it just isn’t the same spectacle.

Last night we took Eric to the Syracuse vs. Maryland NIT game which Syracuse won 88-72. We chose this game because we could get extra tickets, there is no alcohol sold at the NIT games and the schedule permitted a pre-game nap. We were joined by friends Skip & Bob and nephews Mark & Matt who are shown below.


He enjoyed the whole affair: pizza and a soda,


watching the cheerleaders, looking at fans with orange wigs, and he paid special attention to Otto the Orange. He hollered and cheered during the game. A good time for a 5 year old.

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