Ballet for Pre-Schoolers

A few weeks ago, on a Friday, Kathryn picked up Eric and Trevor from preschool. Driving home, Eric says, very calm and serious, “I’m not going to school on Monday, Momma.. I am going to stay home and take care of you, because you are not over your cold yet.” Kathryn thanked him for his concern. How sweet, she thought.

Then Trevor says, again very calm and serious, “Yeah, and I am not going to school on Monday either. I have lots of chores to do at home.”

At that point Kathryn knew something was up and said “Then you boys will miss the field trip your class is taking on Monday.”

In a voice an adult would reserve for discussing something like the preparations for having a colonoscopy, Eric says “That’s ballet! I hate ballet!” Trevor adds in that voice little boys use when discussing anything feminine “Yeah, ballet is for girls!”

Over the weekend we talked to them about keeping an open-mind, and how some ballet moves look like Power Ranger moves. It seems Eric thought he would have to DO ballet and not just watch it. The boys went to see Aladdin and allowed afterwards that it was pretty good.

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