Take a walk with us

We took an early morning walk around our property Sunday morning starting at the garden. We have three rows of peas coming up. This weekend I put up hog panel fence for the to climb and mulched between the rows with horse manure.

Below the garden there were two Canada geese swimming in my neighbor’s pond. You can also see that we decimated the rhubarb as we cut a shopping bag full prior to the walk.

We checked out the lilacs and tulips growing below.

We walked across the road and heard/saw a variety of birds including Orioles, Oven birds, a drumming grouse, and the most exciting- a blue winged warbler or a Brewster’s Warbler – the blue-winged/golden winged hybrid. Kathryn has plans to return with her warbler calls and get a visual confirmation.

We found purple trillium in blossom.

The apple trees were in full blossom.

We saw two Orioles and have had Orioles coming to our oranges to feed. But with the caterpillars coming out the Orioles will soon switch to this food source.

Thanks for coming along

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