Cookout Corner

Last fall we cleared a small area in the far corner of our 40 acre woodlot where we had a fire pit and a few cookouts. Demonstrating the extreme creatively that we use in naming locations it became christened “Cookout Corner” (other examples: Edge Trail, Trillium Trail, Buck Rake Pass, White Birch Field, Hanging Bucket, North Trail, etc, etc, you get the point).

Recently I tore up concrete slab from our walk way that goes no where and transported them to Cookout Corner to make a safer fire pit. Tuesday night Eric, Kathryn and I used local transportation and took our dinner for an inaugural meal.

Our new fire pit is huge and much safer. Below Trey checks for food scraps.

We have a home made table that I plan to move over to the area and we need to work on some semi-permanent seating. If I get creative I will try to craft something ‘Adirondack-ish’using the chainsaw and logs.

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