Barneveld Horsemen’s Association Hunter Show

Eric has been showing in the Barneveld Horsemen’s Association (BHA) lead line classes all summer.  Sunday they had the last show – the make-up of the make-up Hunter Show.  Eric shows courtesy of his buddy Trevor and Trevor’s mom Ellen.  Ellen lets Eric use Onyx, a 16 year old mare who is bomb proof.

In the equitation class the judge asked Eric for his age (5), how long he had been riding (just starting), his horse’s name (Onyx) and if he planned to do jumping (when he grows up).  In this class the judge decided to give all 5 lead-liners a blue ribbon and their choice of a toy or sticker book.  In the lead-line suitability class, judging the ‘worthiness of the mount’ the participants got a blue ribbon, a chocolate candy bar and a carrot.  If I was judging I would award all blue ribbons too.  All the horses are dead quiet and great started animals for the kids.  But it did throw a wrench in calculating year end awards as everyone got an equal number of points.

Since Eric and Trevor have been showing all year they were in the running for a year end award and somehow Trevor knew that.  What Trevor knows, Eric knows and the two boys were walking around saying that Eric is close to a champion and Trevor is close to a championship.

After the show Trevor came over to our house to play with Eric and when Ellen picked him up she confirmed that Trevor won the year end lead-line championship and Eric was reserve by 4 points.

That means the camping trip with the local ADK Chapter that I was tentatively planning to attend on Saturday Oct 25 will be pre-empted by attendance at the BHA Annual Banquet so I can see Eric and Trevor get their awards.  It should be fun.

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