Flu, Awards, Halloween Parties & Grape Jelly

Last week I came down with the flu. It began on Wed afternoon and the chills crested on Wednesday night. I wore a long sleeve T-shirt and fleece sweat shirt to bed with a comforter and 0 degree sleeping bag as blankets to get warm. During the night my fever broke and I couldn’t shed blankets and clothing fast enough. Since then I have had a lousy racking cough that is problematic during rest time.

Friday night K & Eric went shopping for a new jacket and some clothes for Eric as he is growing out of his clothes from last year. Saturday was a rainy day and Eric’s last soccer game of the year was cancelled with no re-schedule date. Saturday afternoon Billie Jo stopped by for clothing and items to put in the USC thrift store she is setting up. She is currently maintaining a 3.72GPA, President of the Student Association, working full time and scheduled to graduate in May. Who would have thunk it?

Saturday night we went to the Barneveld Horsemen’s Association banquet for year end award winners. Eric won a Reserve Champion Leadline and his buddy Trevor won the Championship. Eric was pretty pumped about the banquet all day leading up to it. Below Trevor and Eric display the Breyer Model Horse, the ribbons and a plaque they got for their award.

Sunday afternoon the school hosted a Halloween Carnival and Jennifer took Eric, the werewolf, to the festivities.

Kathryn worked on the grapes we had picked and made 10 jars of grape jelly.

For dinner we made our own pizza and watched a little TV – ready to crash.

I worked most of the day on re-staging my computer with Windows Vista, which you can judge by this post, was finally successful. I just can’t get drivers for my Microtek ScanMaker 4900 scanner that work with Vista. Darn.

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