Easter Weekend

Friday afternoon Kathryn took Eric and Trevor to see the Monsters vs Aliens 3D Movie. I took a shovel across the road and dug a diversion ditch near cook out corner to keep the small stream from flooding the hayfield. After about 45 minutes of shoveling Kathryn called to announce their return from the movie and the boy’s desire to toast marshmallows. I think the main attraction is that the boys get to play in the woods; making swords, attacking monsters, being ninjas, etc. But marshmallows were toasted and eaten.


On Saturday we stored our skis, sleds and snow shovels into the barn loft. We dragged deck furniture out of the barn loft and onto the deck. Sarah Skelly and her boyfriend visited us for lunch and a couple hours in the afternoon. Later we relocated some of our bluebird houses, put up some new boxes and cleaned every house (21).

Sunday we attended Unitarian Church and went to Delanson to Barbara’s for Easter Dinner. Kathryn and Eric organized an egg hunt of approximately 100 eggs with seeds, kazoos, toys, refrigerator magnets, etc contained within. It was windy and cold, but that didn’t deter the egg hunters.

Below Eric and Nathan peer under the bushes for eggs.


Eric looks for eggs among the trees.


Dakota races for a spotted egg guided by Billie Jo.


Eric loads up.


Eric investigates his booty.


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