May 1-3 Weekend Report

Kathryn left on Friday with the pickup truck, headed to Rochester to help clean out her Dad’s house. Eric and I went to Okay Dokey’s for dinner where he had Mac & Cheese, I had a Taco salad and we played Pokemon during the meal.

Saturday morning I made my AYSO coaching debut filling in for Cori. It was sunny but windy. I was a little concerned when I introduced myself to the Kaminski coaching team as they announced they had been coaching a team all winter. My primary strategy was to rotate kids quickly. We had a 7 man team with 5 playing. Although we agreed on 10 minute quarters I rotated the kids about every 3 minutes. With 3 up and 2 back I would sub in two players on defense and rotate the 2 defensive players to the front. I pulled the two offensive kids that were playing tired or had been in the longest. After a short break I rotated again. The team won 4-1 with Joseph scoring his 1st ever two goals. They even had some great passing that happened organically, but it happened none the less. It was fun and the team won 4-1.

After the game Colby came home to play with Eric. They are both big into Nintendo DS and Colby showed Eric how to get to a new area in his Pokemon game. After lunch they went outside to use squirt guns on the mourning doves hiding in the barn while I mowed lawn. We took a hike across the road, explored the stream and played ManTracker around in woods.

Colby went home around 4:30, Eric and I had an early dinner and went fishing in the pond. We caught 2 large, fat, thick catfish that we transported up to Gary’s pond in a 5 gallon bucket. We caught 1 of the grass carp on a worm! He must have decided that being a vegatarian wasn’t as great as advertised.  He was very fat.  We caught 1 small bass just as Kathryn got home.  He got transplanted as well.

Sunday morning Skip & I tried to hike to the confluence of the Piseco Outlet and the West Sacandaga River.  We managed to follow the fisherman’s trail to the Piseco outlet, but were unable to find any trail to the confluence.  But we did have a nice three hours tramping through deadfall and getting our feet wet.

Sunday afternoon we went with Billie Jo and Dakota as she checked out a house for rent in Remsen.  Upon our return Kathryn and I moved the popup camper from the barn and unloaded the truck.  Overall a good weekend.

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