Easter Weekend

Eric had vacation on Good Friday and spent the day at Trevor’s, riding his bike and crashing into wood and brush.  Saturday Kathryn went grocery shopping and Eric went out for lunch with Molly Skelly and her boyfriend.  We largely spent the day picking up the house, moving furniture, sweeping, mopping and recovering from the construction.  Even though the walls were exposed sheet rock it was nice to get our living room back. Late in the afternoon I drained the hot tub and hooked up the warm water to Eric’s Slip & Slide.  He held Slip & Slide competitions (Speed, Distance, Stunt and Freestyle) versus imaginary competitors.  I sat in the lawn chair with a cold beverage and announced the events.

Sunday we were joined by the Barb/Joe, and the tribes of Ed and Billie Jo for Easter.  First, up was an Easter Egg hunt to recover the 74 eggs stuffed and hidden by Kathryn.  Next we enjoyed a feast of salmon, orange roasted pork loin, scalloped potatoes, salad, broccoli, and blue berry muffins followed by dessert of pies and jellyroll.  It was yummy.

We managed to get everything picked up after our guests left and crashed for the night.

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