Keuka Lake

Tom & Debby were visiting from Seattle for the Skelly Family Reunion. Following the reunion they booked a camp on Keuka Lake and invited us to spend the week with them. It was hot and sunny with temperatures in the 90s every day. Sunday we went grocery shopping and swam. Sunday night we watched Flares Around the Lake and 90 minutes of fireworks. At times there were 12 simultaneous fireworks visible from our viewpoint on the dock.

Monday Kathryn, Eric and Debby went to Roseland Water Park. Tom and I went to the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport. Tuesday we stayed home to swim and in the evening we drove to Victor to shop at LL Bean and met Pat and Janice for Dinner . Wednesday Kathryn, Tom and Debbie went on a Wine Tour while Eric and I swam and had water gun wars. Thursday we swam and fished. Friday we returned home.

When we weren’t in the water and spraying each other we had marathon Sorry games – below Eric and Debby do battle.

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