Our Spring Yard

This weekend I dug up two clumps of rhubarb – one went to Linda Boucheron and one to George Mierek. So now we are down to 3 clumps of rhubarb. I plan to use the extra space for 25 more asparagus plants.

On Saturday I got our seedlings from Oneida County Soil and Water Conservation District. The 20 Blueberry bushes went in the yard and were mulched with pine needles to make the soil more acidic.

Most of the Douglas Fir seedlings went into the rough area near the silo. The rest went in along Kirkland Road and 6 along the SW corner of our yard.

Our early flowers are in full bloom daffodils in our yard.

Last fall we experimented with naturalization of daffodils in the woods. We planted ~50 bulbs in the south facing slope across the road from our house. They were hard to plant due to the tree roots. Surprisingly most all of them seemed to sprout and some are starting to blossum already.

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