Weekend Report

Although I wasn’t at work on Friday I spent a lot of time answering data call issues over the potential government shut down.  Fortunately by Saturday there was resolution of the issue.

Eric’s pal Jack got off the bus with him on Friday after school.  We invited his parents over for dinner and had a nice chat.

Saturday we continued raking gravel off the lawn.  I planted peas and started my fishworm collection.  I trimmed my old grape arbor and took down the wire in preparation for moving the grape vines.  Kathryn & I performed trail maintenance across the road.  Several large limbs/trees had fallen during the winter and they required chainsaw surgery.  Eric and Harrison wanted to play “Mantracker” but took off so fast and went so far they were never challenged.

We discovered the red tail hawks have a nest in a tall fir tree directly across from our house.  It has been interesting watching them come and go.

Sunday Eric had Trevor over for the day.  Kathryn and I trimmed trees around the hayfield, including a couple that had fallen out into the field.  Eric and Trevor dug up “useful stuff” out of the garbage dump along the stream.  We also moved the basketball hoop and set it up in the driveway for games.  It got used for games and H.O.R.S.E.

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