I See You First!

I have long played a game with Eric “I see you first!” that stemmed from me picking him up at the babysitter’s house.  In the morning we would review the day’s schedule and I would say that I would see him at Molly’s and I would see him 1st.  It evolved into a game where one of us would try to sneak up on or ambush the other in order to be the 1st to declare “I see you first!”.  Over the years other kids at the babysitter’s house have joined in, but none more enthusiastically than Molly’s son Michael.  Today I packed my camera and caught a picture of Eric right after he popped around a corner and got me and the picture of Michael in the act of declaring “I see you first!”. He wasn’t sure how this new element of the game, taking pictures, effected the overall strategy.


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