South Lewis Volleyball Tournament

Scott, Bill, Michael, Kirsten, Kathryn and I entered into the South Lewis Volleyball Tournament as “Fully Compliant”.  After much debate we entered into the Recreational Division instead of the competitive division.  We were truly a ‘tweener’ likely to get beat by most, if not all, competitive teams, but a little too experienced to be a recreational team.

We played two games versus the five other recreational teams not losing a game and winning most by a comfortable margin.  Scott and Bill had many effective blocks; Scott blocking outside hitters and Bill denying the setter’s quick tips.  We passed effectively and had good defensive coverage.

We were seeded 1st in the playoffs and after a 1st round bye we vanquished the play-in and the #2 seed, “Maintain Swagger” in the championship.  We all got a t-shirt for the championship.  Games began at 9:30am and we played until 3:30pm making for a long day of volleyball.