Mighty Run

Kathryn and Eric competed in the Mighty Run.  Eric did a 1/2 mile kid’s run with 14 obstacles: mud pits, balance beams, spider’s web, tubes, log over/unders, and a Drill Sargent.

P1050649  P1050650

P1050651 P1050652

P1050653 P1050662

P1050663 P1050669


Eric and I left shortly after the kids run, picked up Devante and went home.   Kathryn, Pam and Sue did a later run and came in in the low 600’s of a group of 680 total.    The course map and obstacles are shown below.

Mighty Run Course Map

The Tired Wall    Finish Line Mud Pit

  Walking the tires

Kathryn through mud pit Carrying log

Kathryn&Pam Running  Kathryn on Waterslide