Lacrosse vs. Whitesboro Team 2

Eric had a 6pm lacrosse game last night vs. another Whitesboro team.  Eric got to play middie last night for the 1st time and participated in a face-off for the 1st time.  He scored two goals as the beneficiary of nice passes from his buddy, DeVante.  Below Eric (#6) shoots on goal.  He wore one black sock and one white sock to help his Mom differentiate him from the other players but he ended up with one black sock and one grey sock.  There was 1/2″ of water laying on the field.

There was some discrepancy about the score… we might have won 6-5, but either way it was a decent close game.   We got soaked, despite raincoats, etc….


Afterwards Kathryn and Eric jumped into the hot tub to warm up.