Thursday Lunchtime Volleyball Poems

Every Wednesday I send out an email reminding people of our game and trying to determine who will be missing.  My latest two volleyball poems….

One entitled:  Thursday Lunchtime Volleyball: We Know Drama

“It’s the drama of a Bill Kahler serve, as it leaves his hands and begins to curve.
Will it go over the net and stay in bounds? Or sail outside and earn team mates’ frowns?

 It’s the suspense of Brent Collins’ deep shot.  Into the corner- will it stay in or not?
Or maybe a dink will be coming instead, his intentions are quite often misread.

What happens when Josh Beardsley hits the ball hard?   The ball goes whistling and comes back charred.
Did it find the floor and register a slam?  Or continue afar to stop at the door jamb?

These mysteries, this drama is yet unplayed.  Their stories to be told yet, I am afraid.
For you to see each of these try, come join the games at the Rome Family Y.

See you on the court!”

The next week there was a BAE meeting to vote on the times for their monthly get together…..

“I rap about as well as Warren Beatty in the movie Bulworth (and he had Halle Berry to help motivate him).  So channeling my best Jay Billington Bulworth I offer the following:

You know my name is Heather and I am here to say; there’s volleyball on Thursday and I can’t play.
The big corporation has scheduled to meet, so around the conference table I must seat.

Call me Mr. Collins ‘cause I know the score, I call it real loud so it’s hard to ignore.
This Thursday I’ll be quiet, I got nothing to say. The boss says to meet and I obey.

You know the corporate people like to advise, employees should be healthy and exercise.
They preach health and wellness, a healthy lifestyle, so playing volleyball should be worthwhile.

To continue these meetings they will call for vote; and hear a loud NO! escape from my throat.
So cross your fingers, wish us luck and don’t forget to pray, so we can play volleyball on Thursday.”

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