Utica Select 7 AYSO Tournament

Earlier this week I was contacted by the AYSO coach from Mohawk whom we faced in the Frankfort tournament two weeks ago. They had a partial team for the competitive Utica Select 7 tournament and asked if we had any players from our HP team that might be willing and capable of playing in the Select 7 tournament on Saturday morning. I mentioned a few players as options and Mohawk picked up three of the HP U12 AYSO boys to play in the Utica Select & tournament. Carter, Eric and Sawyer played well and the team ended up capturing 2nd place in the six team tournament.

Below the team introduces themselves and tries to remember names (Carter #13, Sawyer #9, Eric #17).


There were two girls on the team; Emma from Dolgeville was an outstanding goalie.  Boys included Derrick, Geo, and Joshua. The team played four games winning big over Camden, getting beat 3-1 by Utica (who won the tournament), playing the Rome team to a 0-0 tie and winning big over Canastota.  The team ended up with a 2-1-1 recording; the same as Rome.  Since both teams tied in head to head competition the tie breaker went to goals scored which was won by Mohawk; earning them 2nd place in the tournament.  Carter had several steals.  Sawyer scored a goal and had a couple of assists.  Eric had three assists and played his best game vs Canastota as he got more confident and assertive.  Each of the boys had shots on goal opportunities.  This was a good opportunity for the boys to play in a competitive tournament with highly skilled team mates.


Sawyer, Carter, Alex, Geo, Derrick, Emma, Jazz, Jacob and Eric.

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