I have been using leaf mulch in my garden between the rows to eliminate weeds.  Last fall my neighbor Rick dumped 6 loads of mulched leaves on the garden.  I wanted to get the leaf mulch down into the soil.  They were too thick for hoeing and turning them into the soil with a shovel was too much work.  I rented a tiller from Taylor Rental on Thursday and tilled the garden 5x to loosen the soil and work the leaves into the dirt.

Saturday morning I judged presentations at the 3 Minute Thesis competition at Hamilton College, while Kathryn played volleyball in the Ride for Missing Children Tournament.  Saturday afternoon I risked planting some cool weather crops:  pole beans, lettuce and yellow wax beans.


Saturday Eric was bored and sat waiting for his friend Jack to show up.


Sunday I repaired the bottom drawer of my dresser and the bottom drawer of the changing room dresser.

We had a 1pm home game vs Sauquoit and won 7-1.  This is a good U12B team.

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