Volley Llamas Season Wrap Up

I didn’t play much as a Volley Llamas this summer; ~3 nights and not at all as a Sand Flea.  However, two of those nights Eric played on our team and did well.  He was on our roster and by virtue of those games he was ‘qualified’ to play in the playoffs.  We had lots of substitutes help out during the summer and everyone contributed during the season.  This was a fun group of people to play with and I appreciated everyone’s positive attitude and support of one another.  I know for me, it was fun being able to play games not only with Kathryn, but with  BillieJo and Eric.  I anticipate Rich / Jason and Ron / Andy had similar appreciation of their experience.

We entered the playoffs as the 2nd seeded team about 6 games behind Dig Pink and 8 games ahead of The Scrappers (Jack, John, Andy, Jess, Billy and Cathy).  Volley Llamas took two quick games from The Minions – the 7th ranked team who won their opening round game vs. 10th ranked Balls Deep.  Our 2nd match was versus 3rd ranked The Scrappers who vanquished 5th ranked Finndale Farms in their earlier playoff match.  Game 1 we jumped out to an over powering lead and coasted to a win.  Game 2 was close through the mid-teens before gaining our 2nd win. In the championship game we faced Dig Pink losing a close game 1 and not close game 2.

I anticipate changes for next season as regulars Rich indicated he would like to be a sub and Jason likely moving to the Syracuse area.  So we will be looking for full time replacements, as well as, individuals willing to help as subs.  I am proud of our accomplishment as a team and very thankful to have had the opportunity for a fun season of volleyball.

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