Volley Llamas

Our Wednesday night volleyball team, the Volley Llamas, finished the regular season solidly in 3rd place out of 10 teams.  We ended up behind 1st place Dig Pink, 2nd place Scappers and ahead of 4th place Finndale Farms. Below are Eric, Kathryn, Josh, Billie Jo, Jim, Ryan, Margaret; with Tim occupying the entire front row.


Our team changed a bit with Rich and Jason Ritzel opting to be substitutes rather than full time players, but being replaced by Josh and Eric playing full time.  I am especially proud of Eric’s development, as last year he only played in select situations of select games.  This year he displayed a much more rounded game. Josh gave us a solid hitter and all-round good team mate.  The season is 3 months long and we managed to cope with personal schedules with only three subs the entire summer: Chris and Rachael on the 1st night and Rich Ritzel during July.  A big thanks to everyone. We should be handling out attendance awards to one another.  There is always that fine balancing point between playing competitively and having fun.  I think we did a pretty good job of balancing those two this summer.  I am very happy with our 3rd place finish to the regular season and to accomplish it playing a roster that played with a pre-teen, three card carrying AARP members and line-ups that sometimes put two women in the front line as hitters/blockers; well that was something.

Eric, Kathryn, Tim and I attended the season banquet.  The Volley Llamas were recognized for best TEAM CHEER.  Eric got recognized as the YOUNGEST PLAYER and Jim as the OLDEST PLAYER.

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