Moving the topsoil from our new parcel

We purchased ~4 acres of land from our neighbor Gary as he was selling his farm to an Amish family, Dennis.  The parcel resolved a long time plumbing problem with our septic line, garden, orchard and fence line installed by nulite being on property not identified in the original survey of our house. Now that it’s legally our land we will be able to perform the regular septic tank maintenance it needed to not run into as many issues as we were dealing with. The parcel contained a pond and a pile of topsoil piled up when the pond was dug.  Part of my agreement with Gary was that he could use the topsoil for his son’s business.  I also requested that some of the topsoil be used to make our new parcel ‘mow-able’  by covering the rocks and reducing the slope from the road.


When I talked to the operator of the loader, he wasn’t made aware of the agreement.  Like other promises by Gary (removing large maple tree trunks and smoothing out around a drainage pond) this apparently was forgotten.  I think I caught them in time and some dirt has been left remaining, but it will be up to me to make alternative arrangements for getting it spread.

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