You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Us Kincaid

With all the new snow Kathryn and I have been snowshoeing and XC skiing quite a bit.  Usually I snowshoe our trails and Kathryn does a combination of snowshoeing / XC skiing depending on how deep the snow is and the condition of the trails.  We have a nice ~3 mile loop that we have been using this year. This past weekend I snowshoed the loop alone, no dogs for company, just me and the quiet of the woods….. Too quiet.  I ended up with an earworm song playing in my head as I snowshoed.  Unfortunately I have no control over the earworm songs that play in my head and, unfortunately, this one was Kenny Rogers song “You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Lucille”.   What does one do with an earworm song repeatedly recycling through their brain?  Why they inflect more pain on it.  So with apologies to Kenny Rogers…..

In a condo down in Cancun
Rick and Danny are renting a room.
Far away from this winter’s embrace.

They each spend all of their days
On the beach in the warm rays
Drinking Mai-tais and napping ‘til noon.

They could have stayed home
But to the south they did roam
Leaving us to weather the storms.

It hasn’t been easy
As you soon will see
Left here in the dark and gloom.

You picked a fine time to leave us Kincaid.
There’s been some ice storms,
and there’s been the snow storms,
and look at the mess that they made.
You picked a fine time to leave us Kincaid.

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