Huntsman Senior Games

While playing volleyball in the Empire Senior Games in June Kathryn was asked to join a 60+ volleyball team going to the Huntsman Senior Games in St George Utah.  We were delighted to go as Kochans volunteered to host Eric while we were gone.  We flew out of Syracuse after Kathryn’s classes on Thursday, landing in Las Vegas at midnight and driving two hour to St George where we were sharing a house with Kathryn’s volleyball acquaintance, Barb.  We had a brief respite with a few hours sleep and then left for the 1st 9am game.

There were 27 60+ woman’s volleyball teams divided into 3 pools, with 9 teams in each pool.  Each team played 3 matches / day with a match comprising of two games.  Before each match the teams would meet at center court and exchange gifts, and after each game the two teams would combine for a group photo.  There were teams from Colorado, California, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, etc.  While most of these teams had established rosters and had practiced together, the GREAT EXPECTATIONS team had never played together and found themselves making introductions prior to the match.

There were matches Friday & Saturday; Sunday was off and more games on Monday & Tuesday.  They won a couple of games, had a couple of competitive matches and really only got overpowered by the Team Brazil.   Overall, it was a great venue to play, Kathryn enjoyed playing vs age appropriate competition.  Plans are being made for a 2019 Huntsman team.

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