Orlando, FL

Kathryn took Eric, Stone and Dakota to Orlando FL for their Christmas gift. They had a fun trip, though it went fast with a lot of rushing around. Both Stone and Dakota had been sick the week before. Stone’s congestion was nasty sounding. They got to Orlando on Friday in time to catch the […]

New Wallpaper

For the past 18 months I have been lobbying for alternative wallpaper in our family great room. The existing dark red wallpaper, coupled with the knotty pine paneling, made the room too dark. Kathryn selected new wallpaper and while Eric was at the HP football game at the Carrier Dome we (mainly Kathryn) put up […]

Huntsman Senior Games

While playing volleyball in the Empire Senior Games in June Kathryn was asked to join a 60+ volleyball team going to the Huntsman Senior Games in St George Utah. We were delighted to go as Kochans volunteered to host Eric while we were gone. We flew out of Syracuse after Kathryn’s classes on Thursday, landing […]

Pears are ripening

Kathryn rigged tarps under the pear trees to catch those starting to ripen and fall.

Trail Riding at Otter Creek

Our friends Jim and Pam invited us to overnight camp with them and their horses (Max & Freck) at Otter Creek Horse Trails. The Otter Creek Horse Trails are a series of interlocking horse trails comprising about 65 miles located on both the Independence River Wild Forest Unit of the Adirondack Forest Preserve. The trail […]

Return to Moshier

Eric spent the night at BillieJo’s playing video games with Stone while Kathryn, Skip, Matt, Nathan and I camped overnight at Moshier Reservoir. The fishing wasn’t quite as good, but the company and weather were superb. We heard lots of Barred Owls during the night and managed to sleep for almost 11 hours.


Anniversary 42

Kathryn and I celebrated our 42nd year of marriage. Things are beginning to look more like this cartoon.

Cullen Blowing his Coat

It only took about 20 minutes of brushing to get this amount hair out of Cullen.

Transition To Summer Vacation

Eric had two regents tests to finish up his school year. He feels he aced the math. He says he thinks he “didn’t do too bad” on the science. The last week of school, we got emails from photography and English that he missed assignments so his grade was in the 50s for both. He […]

Empire State Senior Games

Kathyrn joined a team of women from Syracuse and Rochester to compete in the 65+ Division at the Empire State Senior Games in Cortland. She had a fabulous time at the Empire State Senior Games and played some great volleyball. Their team won most of the games they played against the next-younger age bracket teams […]