Sleeping Under The Stars

One of the things Kathryn and Eric enjoyed from our rafting trip was sleeping under the stars due to clear skies and no bugs. With fall conditions and clear skies Kathryn sought to duplicate that experience by sleeping out on the deck in late September. Cullen joined her, but Scout opted for the comfort of […]

Dad Joke

Kathryn and I gave Eric and Austin a ride to HCCC for a basketball tournament. Eric was in the back seat with Austin playing Rap music and telling us his latest favorite artists. I asked him how the rap artists came up with their nicknames and why they always seemed to have initials like Jay […]

Black Creek

Skip, Kathryn and I made a opening season paddle down Black Creek. We heard and saw a lot of birds; white throated sparrows, heron, ducks, buteos, Phoebees, and some geese that tried to hide along the banks. A beautiful 2 hour paddle.