Early December Status

We have had good snowfalls enabling us to snowshoe and XC Ski only to have our trails washed out due to rain.

The HP Varsity Basketball team has a 1-3 record losing to undefeated, hot shooting Cazanovia, Utica Academy of Science and Oneida and winning over Chittenango. Coach was clear he was playing an 8-9 man roster leaving Eric, Sawyer (Burt), Ryan and Jack at the end of the bench.

We have all been adjusting to the loss of Scout. Cullen has been much more of a house dog and accompanies us around the house. Whether it is the deep snow or Cullen’s desire to hang with his pack, he has stayed with us during our hikes across the road.

After 16 years Jim left Northrop Grumman and started a new position at CACI.