Isolation Activities

During our lock down we have mixed work responsibilities with increased TV time, work out routines and home projects. Our home projects include:

  • Painting Eric’s bedroom
  • Took chains off tractor and unhooked snowblower (never used this winter)
  • Cleared painting supplies and hardware from basement shelving, cleaned and re-stocked
  • Started 43 garden seeds: 4 varieties of tomatoes (Roma, Early Girl, Heritage cherry and regular), broccoli, artichoke, watermelon, egg plant
  • Waterproofed raincoats
  • Eric held a telecon with Hilbert College Forensic Science / CSI faculty
  • We had a video conference with Hilbert admissions to discuss acceptance criteria
  • Got the basketball hoop up and played a couple game of horse
  • Changed the water in the hot tub
  • Cut firewood from fallen fence line ash tree
  • Took a run – 1st in years
  • Tick-proofed a subset of clothing we wear for wood cutting or trail hikes