Coping With Isolation

We have been very cautious about interacting with others. We try to fill our days with a combination of work (Jim working part time and Kathryn finalizing tests and grades at her last Utica College class, projects, exercise and play. Our projects have included: cutting firewood, planting 50 white spruce trees and 10 Elderberry bushes, starting garden plants, moving a daffodil bed, mowing the lawn – with a flat tire after 1 hour and refinishing a wooden stool that I inherited from my dad.

Kathryn has been doing the most exercise with a daily run using our lollipop xc ski trail to log a run of almost 3 miles every day. Jim’s jog is a much shorter 8/10s of a mile.

To keep us entertained we have played a modified pickleball in our garage, played various card games, held a virtual game night with family friends, watched an assortment of birds coming to our feeder and experimented with a trail camera.