Hay Elevator, SOLD!

We had a 28′ hay elevator that we used when storing hay for our horses. My Dad had made me aware of the hay elevator which I acquired from a man that was selling hay to barns in NYC. It was a great work saver as previously I would make stacks of bales and lift the bales level by level until I could stack them in the loft. However, once we sold the horses the need for the elevator went away. I stored the hay elevator in the rafters until this week when Eric and I lowered it, dusted it off and gave it a test run. I washed it off and sent pictures to an acquaintance who had expressed and interest. I did let him know he was going to have to hire someone or be able to drive some kind of large vehicle to tow or load it into. As it turns out he was a truck driver, in between jobs and looking for CDL A Truck Driver Positions at the moment. He told me those payed pretty well, and that he had a buddy with his own truck that could help him out so it wouldn’t be a problem. Funny how things work out sometimes huh? Anyways, we struck a deal and the deed is done.