Picking Strawberries

Kathyrn and I went to Swistak’s U-Pick Strawberries to get berries to freeze for the winter. We got there at 7:50, there were cars pulling in before us and after us,  and there were probably 20 cars already  in the parking lot and lots of people in the fields. However, we were shown quickly to our rows and started picking. The berries were small, some too small to bother picking, kind of like wild strawberries.  And seedy like wild strawberries too.  Many of the berries looked like they could use one more day of sunshine, just not quite ripe.  However,  there were certainly enough berries that we managed to pick 24 quarts in under an hour.  And they are tasty. We spoke with the owner and she said they have a buyer for the place, and agreed to stay 2 years to “mentor” the new owners.  She said the berries were small because that is what happens when the vines get older.  Plus they think the late frost(s) may have gotten some of the buds on the “King strawberry” plants.