What’s Going On?

Eric’s senior class had booked a bus to go to the inauguration, but last night they canceled it due to COVID-19 concerns.  After the zoom meeting, we agreed we would also be afraid of violence – especially if Trump loses – so am relieved it was canceled and we don’t have to make that decision.

We have 2.5 inches of snow on the ground which has warmed a bit and refrozen so it is pretty icy.  Eric’s soccer practice was canceled. It was difficult walking in the woods, though the puppy loved it.  He bounded through the woods like the deer he was trying to locate.  Tripp is 65 pounds already at 5 months.  He is fun.  Tripp and Kathryn are in dog obedience class and he is the star pupil.  Or, maybe she is the only handler who has ever done this before, and who knows the difference between a correcting tone of voice and a cajoling tone of voice (it is not rocket science, really!).  In any case, they don’t get much attention from the instructor other than a “Very Good!” every once in a while.

Kathryn had been getting up before sunrise and sitting out on the lawn with the dogs, which was lovely, but the snow stopped that although the weather should improve this week.

The town of Marcy took down the pickleball nets so our pickleball group members  are all in a quandary about what to do.  Many of us are not anxious to play inside.

We bought a treadmill to assist in the transition of our running program from cross country and road running to indoors.

Eric has been accepted to the three colleges he applied to:  Herkimer Community College, Hilbert College and SUNY Canton.  Of course, that is pending graduation, which for a moment makes for a shaky first marking period.  He says he has learned his lesson working remotely and pulled it together.  Hilbert College is his first choice.  Kathryn and Eric are going out there for a departmental event.  Even though he has already seen the campus, We are hoping he will meet some of the instructors in the department, and his enthusiasm will continue.  And  it won’t hurt us to get out of the house.   We will also meet with the financial aid counselor, though I doubt that will help much.  Small colleges and especially colleges like Hilbert are not having the trouble with covid that others are.  One article I read said it is because of the emphasis on community and being socially responsible.

Kathryn decided to renew her LCSW so she crammed 36 CEU’s into a couple weeks.  Fortunately the state waived the requirement that any CEUs be done in person so they could all be on-line.  The first course on neuroscience of trauma was very good.  The second course on mindfulness wasn’t well done, but provided enough hours and credits to satisfy the requirement.

We have cut a bunch of wood and should be good through the winter. 

Kathryn bought wallpaper to do the big bathroom and our bedroom but haven’t gotten there yet. We are probably not going to do anything for Thanksgiving. .