December Lock Down Activities

We are hanging in, staying home and limiting our exposure.  Eric has been struggling doing remote learning and now HP is going 100% remote for the next 100 days.  He has been accepted at three colleges (Hilbert is his 1st choice (near Hamburg ), HCCC and Canton.)  He played on the HP soccer team a little bit which we supported as it was the only socialization he was doing. On Friday Eric finally had success passing his driver’s license test. A nearly perfect score and he nailed his parallel parking this time.  He is quite proud of himself. He took advantage of his new freedom and drove to an outdoor basketball court where he and 3 friends chatted and played basketball.  We did take out for dinner Friday night and he drove into Holland Patent to pick up our food, and with the kids busy we have a little more time to spend time with each other that’s I have been reviewing accessories like vibrating wands to enjoy with each other.

Kathryn has been working with her new dog – a 6 month old, 79 lb, Newfoundland / Golden Retriever cross.  She has been taking Tripp to dog obedience school once a week and they are doing great.  Mainly Tripp gets distracted by people and events near him so Kathryn takes the dog out to socialize and experience new environments. At home, Tripp does the exercises perfectly, but puppy (and owner) struggle with the distractions of multiple dogs/owners in class.  Kathryn is trying to get him out into busy situations, to practice.  A couple classes ago, the dogs were given time to “socialize.”  The next thing , Tripp and two other dogs are tearing around the room and one is growling!  It is Tripp! Mortified, Kathryn separates him.  The instructor does his little assessment thing, bringing each dog to approach the other.  His conclusion: Jennie thinks she is alpha dog and was picking on Willow and Tripp decided to put Jennie in her place.  Tripp is not, he assures, an aggressive dog. 

Kathryn and I are still running every day – either outside or on the treadmill. We have been playing pickleball outdoors when the temperatures are above 45 degrees and it isn’t rainy or windy.  Out of our group of 12 seniors that play there are about 6 die-hards that will show up.

The picture below shows Eric and I cutting our tree, the decorated tree and a centerpiece that Kathryn’s brother sent us.