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Our Weekend

Thursday night Kathryn went to play volleyball and  Eric and I started a marathon Monopoly game.  We set up on the dining room table which was more “cat proof” than other locations in the house.  We played about 30 minutes, recorded our locations, stored our holdings and set it aside until Friday night when we resumed for another 30 minutes.  Finally, on Saturday morning, after breakfast, Eric made the bold step of investing all his money into houses for Broadwalk and Park Place and neglecting all of his other properties.  On the other hand, my strategy was to equally invest into houses on the yellow and green properties. Unfortunately, I landed on Park Place and didn’t have the requisite $1,000+ for rent and I was wiped out. Eric was jubilant.

Friday Kathryn took Scout back to Beaver Meadow Veterinary to exam her torn ACL.  Previously Dr. Colleen had been skeptical of healing as she had not seen one repair naturally in a large (>50lb) dog.  We have kept Scout on house-rest for the past 45-60 days – not an easy task – and she has seemingly healed.  We are now at the stage where Scout needs leash exercise (walking & trotting) on smooth surfaces.  Not having a dog treadmill that means road walks.  Kathryn took Scout on Friday evening.  I took her out on Saturday and even did a little ill-advised jogging.  I felt the consequences of running in my work boots on the following day.  On Sunday I took Scout on a late afternoon 2.6 mile road walk – enjoyable in the sun.

Friday night we went to Floyd Fish Fry and then drove to Barneveld to sign Eric up to play Little League baseball.  In years past Eric has been resistant to playing baseball, but apparently several of his pals are playing baseball, so now he wants in.  Saturday afternoon we practiced a little pitch and catch and Eric did a little hitting using a plastic bat and a tennis ball.

Saturday & Sunday we moved furniture upstairs, culled our copious books, moved extraneous furniture to the barn and cleaned up the 2nd floor rec room in preparation of the living room remodeling.