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Trillium and Cardinals

We have several cardinals feeding during the winter and this spring we had a female cardinal attacking her reflection in our windows. Despite the cold weather we put screens on our windows and patio doors in an attempt to reduce the number of reflections.

Also depicted are my initial seed beds and the first trillium of the spring.

Sightings of Spring

Every year about this time my slightly southern relatives start announcing their sightings of spring.  This afternoon I saw the King of Spring.

I hear that you’ve seen Robins and black birds with red wings.
And I don’t deny that you have seen all those things.
To get a glimpse of spring from one of these sightings,
Makes your heart jump, feel joy, they are quite exciting.
So I don’t mean to diminish or throw shade
But I have a topper from the sighting I made.
I am sure you’ll agree this is the best and affirm
Because today I spotted a little fish worm.