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Monday Morning Sunrise/Sundog

This weekend Kathryn went on a Finger Lakes wine tasting/procurement with Cindy, Bonnie and Linda.  They left on Friday and returned late Sunday afternoon.  I worked a partial schedule on Friday so I was home when Eric got off the school bus.  Friday night Eric and I went to Best Buy and researched the XBox 360 gaming system.  Saturday Eric had DeVante over to the house to play (11am-4pm).  I pulled down two dead, hung up elm trees from near the old silo site.  I believe that will be the last of our firewood cutting for the year.  I pruned the grapes.

Saturday night was very windy.  We got ~3″ of snow and the temperatures dropped into the 20s.

Eric, is playing basketball on a 5th grade CNY Travel Team.  Sunday afternoon Holland Patent had a scrimmage vs. the Frankfort 5-6th grade CNY team.  It was a scrimmage so they played 6 quarters, 10 minutes running time and reset the score board after every quarter.  Eric played as a post player for 3 quarters as part of the B team.  Frankfort dominated all but the 4th (B Team) quarter when they played to a 4-4 tie.  There was a little guard, wearing jersey #2 with SPINA on the back.  We estimate that if Frankfort scored 30 points, then #2 had 20 of them.  The kid was very good.  Quick, with excellent ball skills with both hands, nice spin moves.

Monday morning we saw a nice sun dog as the sun arose through a light snow.