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Run for the Dead

Run of the Dead is a unique event, one part 5K, one part obstacle course/mud run, and one part escaping the clutches of zombies. Runners will navigate a series of challenging obstacles throughout a 5K course (through fields, wooded areas, swamps, and of course mud) in an attempt to reach the finish line — all while avoiding blood thirsty zombies.

  • Before the race, each participant isgiven a flag belt, just like the game of flag football. These flags represent your health.
  • The zombies want to take your flags and maybe eat your brains.
  • If you lose all your health flags, you die. And the zombies win.  You have to finish with at least one flag and complete all of the obstacles to “finish” the course.
  •  You only have a limited amount of time to finish the course: if time expires, you die and are not eligible to be entered into the raffle pool for prizes.

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