Camping at Soft Maple

This past weekend Kathryn, Eric, Trey and I took the pop-up camper to Soft Maple Reservoir for an overnight camping trip. We packed and loaded up on Friday night and hooked up on Saturday morning. We were at Soft Maple by noon, set up and had sandwiches for lunch. We took Eric to the beach to play for a couple of hours before returning to the camper for a little shut eye. Before dinner we took Eric (and his new fishing pole) below the dam, but didn’t have any luck.

After dinner we tried again on the main lake and Eric caught a 12″ small mouth bass. It fought so hard that he panicked and gave his fishing pole to me to land the fish. He was so excited that he was jumping up and down and calling his catch “The Largest Bass In The World”. Later we had a fire and toasted marshmellows turning in around 10pm. Sunday morning Kathryn and Eric went back to the beach while I packed up. We returned home by 2pm.

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