My Favorite Applications

Pandora – I have a lot of online music and listen constantly. Over the past year I have been listening to new music via Pandora, a music discovery service that utilizes the music genome project to recommend artists, bands and styles of music similar to an known artist. They’ve made the service more Web 2.0′ish. Now you can find shared stations within the Pandora community, see who is listening to what, and search for songs, stations and listener profiles by keyword.

SyncBack – a Freeware backup synchronization program that I use to backup our computers to a network drive as well as backup onto an FTP site.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets – Lately I have been roaming among multiple computers and I have been using Google Docs to draft documentation.

Bloglines is my favorite website for keeping track of blog posts. It’s an application that lives on the web. I like that since I can switch computers and still stay up to date on recently updated blog. I really like the improvements that let me see real time updates. And to keep my website running smoothly, I switched to dedicated hosting plans.

Dinosaur World – Eric is really into dinosaurs and BBC has one of the best set of educational games. The 3D virtual world offers exploration of three separate worlds discovering dinosaurs and plant life along the way.

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